The Experience

Personality, Privacy & Play

Welcome to the home of the greatest interactive art experience you’ve ever seen. The Abstract Experience was created to give you more sexy, salacious, and risque experiences in a private setting of your choosing where you can be free to explore your artistic vibes.

The Abstract Experience

Have you ever wanted to let go on a canvas, but paint and sips just didn’t cut it? Tired of the same girls’ night activities? Thought about attending a male review show, but weren’t a fan of the massive crowds and all-out nudity?

Hell, ever wanted to put it on a handsome man just because?

the experience

The Abstract Experience is a custom art event that combines good times, fine men, and beautiful art. Tailored to suit your needs, our experiences allow you to get up close and personal with men who engage you as both eye candy and the living canvas to create your masterpiece. Exclusive to your preferences for location and art choice, with men selected to fulfill your wandering eye’s desires.

Male Candy + Living Canvas

We supply your girlfriends-only party with everything you need to douse your male canvas in scintillating colors for a live masterpiece that you can touch as much as you want. Relax, get intimate with your canvas, and soak up the personal attention while he soaks up your brushes or fingers. Don’t worry, we promise to keep his brush covered.

Enjoy soothing music, sultry lighting, and delectable treats to savor the ultimate exclusive art soiree.

You Paint While We Work

Our experiences are fully equipped to include all the supplies you’ll need to unleash your creativity on our male models. Choose your private party location and we’ll take care of the rest. Paint your living canvas and savor every stroke. Ask him about his abs, chat about his triceps, and take in his handsomely chiseled features with just you, your girls, and your paint brush.

Go on, indulge yourself in the art.  Your living canvas is primed and ready to Cater To You.

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